Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bookmark this blog at Mister Wong

I've just add this blog to It's a social bookmarking website. Some people said that we can increase traffic to our blog by adding our blog/website in a social bookmarking website or blog directory.

I've registered my primary blog into some blog directories. As my experience, this gave the blog a some traffic. Although it wasn't that significant but for me it was enough.

To get your blog registered in blog directory, sometimes they will ask you to give dem a reciprocal link, and usually it's can be done by adding some code which will show small banner in your web. So, if your blog is registered in a lot of this kind of blog directory, your blog will be fulled by these small banners. But, you can hide them in your footer for example. :D

Back to mister-wong. This is a nice social bookmarking site. And because this is a social bookmarking so we don't need to add a reciprocal link in our blog. Just registered yourself and bookmark your blog, and it's all done.

The site have a good layout. I love it. And the cool think is you can share your bookmarks with others in a group. You can join any group you want. Very excited.

Well, I think I'll try another social bookmarking for now. See yaaaa...

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