Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello Again!

Huah... after couple months of hiatus, now I'm back. Yeap... It has been a busy months lately. Some personal stuffs has made me busy. And ofcourse, the project is getting crazy.

Yeah, whatever!

Btw, I just want to update my blog. No particular topic in this post. Because I was too busy to write an article. hahaha... I know, you may call it lazy. Hehehe... It's tight related each other, though!

Btw, I was starting to use Linux again. I used to use Fedora last year. But, Fedora is not for a newbie like me - because to many things to do to make it works as smooth as W*****s, so I uninstalled it from my PC! After searching for several opinions from internet, most of the review told me to use Ubuntu! So, this Ubuntu thing is in my PC right now!

Oh yeah! About my project, I'm learning new thing right now. It's called Service Oriented Architecture. This thing has made me so busy for a couple of week. I hope I can write something about this architecture lately. Just ask uncle Google if you want to know about this stuff. I guess this link is a good start! Just check it out.

Allright then! Enough for now... Hello again all!