Sunday, July 3, 2016

Prepare your exam with E2Language

It's been a while since my last post, and I decided to write on this blog again. This time, I'd like to share the project that I've been involved in: As I am one of the core team members, in this post, I will refer myself as we. Oh.. and by the way, sorry... no tech related in this post :D

OK... Cut the crap! 

So what is E2Language? E2 is an online learning platform focused on English Exam preparation. At the moment, we are focusing on OET and PTE which will soon expand to IELTS and TOEFL as well. 

As an online learning platform, we tried to deliver the best and latest teaching methods to be delivered online - but you will be still guided with our highly experienced teachers. When you signing up for free (yes, totally free), you will get a complete set of General English practice test material. These materials consists of complete Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Listening lessons. Most of the materials has video lessons which will guide you through the lessons (it's really nice, simple, and easy to follow videos - guaranteed), tons of practice tests, and a "real" scored tests. The scoring is designed with gamification approach which will tease (of not motivate) you to try more, more, and more. If you dare, try to compete with the top students and get yourself listed on the top!

While for your exam preparation, we provides you the platform where you could practice as you would do on your real test. Our teachers done a very serious and deep research with this one. See this post to get the idea.

As many other online services out there, we also tried to promote ourself online via social network. Our youtube channels provides you with a lot of useful video tips that will give you secrets on how to succeed with your exam. Other sources that will benefit you too is our newly launched blog. Check this tips on how to succeed on your OET Writing exam. It will give you idea that this blog is not just a crap! :) Or maybe you are interested to see what's latest from us, just follow our Facebook page.

OK that's all for now. I will bring more updates as we go along. :)