Monday, March 31, 2008

Bidvertiser Code Can't Be Added To Wordpress

I've just tried to add an Bidvertiser ads code to my blog in wordpress. But it failed. After googling for I while, I found that WP doesn't accept any ads code on its page. Too bad, since WP is one of most blog engines used widely.

I joined bidvertiser about a week ago. Still a newbie. No specific reason why I choose this ads program. Hmm... One reason is I want to try this online earning world. Some people says that we can get an unlimited earning from it. But I'm not too obsessed with this. I think this is a part of blogging, and because I really like any kind activities related to blog, so I thought there will not gonna be a big deal to try it.

The most feature which I like most from this program is because of its low limit earning can be transfered. Bidvertiser will transfer your money, when your earning reach a minimum $10. Really interesting, when compared with another program which give a relatively higher boundaries.

So if you are interesting with this program why not start to be a publisher with them. Why don't take a chance to Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser, just by visiting their website and get yourself registered.

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